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Enormous Importance A Work Environment Has On Creativity

Frank Laughlin


Every business can benefit from employees that come up with new ideas regularly. To encourage this creativity, reconfigure the work environment to lessen stress and boredom. There are many factors to consider when designing the ideal use of office space that is both economical and enjoyable. Here are some important things to consider.

Natural Lighting Is Less Distracting

The lighting used to illuminate the area has a significant effect on how creative employees can be. Artificial and dim lighting can distract one's mind because all the focus is on being able to read or see what is in front of them. While full-spectrum lighting comes close, natural lighting is considered best to promote creativity. As well as allowing natural light to come inside, outdoor areas should be accessible to everyone so they can also breathe in the fresh air and enjoy local shrubbery.

Popular Areas and Seclusion Zones

A smart office manager will watch where their employees are hanging out within the office and around the building. There will be certain zones that are busy and other zones naturally avoided. Take a hard look at the frequented and unfrequented areas to find out what attracts them there. For example, if the popular zones include couches and chairs then perhaps more seating need to be available in the currently unpopular areas.

Some zones should have multiple seats where employees can have conversations and toss ideas off one another, while other zones may benefit with isolation. This combination will allow employees to meet as needed, but also to take a power nap during their afternoon break to recharge.

Themed Rooms Encourage Creativity

Themed rooms in the office are a great way to encourage creativity and innovation instead of the typical blank walls or walls covered with random artwork. Every room should contain a whiteboard with colored markers where employees can draw images during brainstorming sessions without relying on having a pen and paper with them at all times.

When theming these rooms, suitable sound effects should be available which fits the area. For example, a jungle themed room would benefit from having a miniature waterfall which coincidentally re-creates the surrounding sound people hear when taking a shower. Many great thoughts have originated in the shower; therefore, a similar environment can subconsciously encourage employees to come up with a new idea without having to get wet.

Personalized and Organized

An employee’s working space should be comfortable and inviting so they look forward when leaving their house to come to work. Allow everyone to bring in items featuring family members or their pets. This might include a coffee mug, a mousepad, or custom wallpaper behind the icons on their computer. These visible personal items can become a discussion topic so when their family members visit the office everyone is already familiar with them.

Configure their desk to encourage organization. This means that electrical cords must be out of sight and a cabinet with several drawers available for storing both personal items and filing paperwork. Having a neat clean organized area not only encourages a clean slate for creativity, but it also lessens stress when looking for a specific object or document.

As you can see, the work environment has a significant effect on employee creatively and productively. Whether it be natural lighting, practical seating areas, themed rooms, or an organized desk, all of these can be optimized in such a way to encourage innovation throughout the day.

This guest post was written by Frank Laughlin.
He is committed to inspiring ideas, sparking creativity and encouraging problem-solving. As the creator of
Proven Habits Reveal New Types Of Solutions,

Frank encourages creative thinking by exploring topics from many angles. When not helping young minds Frank enjoys theme parks, sports venues, and instrumental music.





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