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8 Best Practices of Successful Companies

Compiled by Vadim Kotelnikov, Inventor and Founder, Ten3 Business e-Coach

According to a study conducted by GE, successful companies:

  1. Manage processes, not people. Focus not on what they do, but on how they do it.

  2. Use techniques (like "process mapping" and "benchmarking") to achieve continuous improvement.

  3. Value incremental gains.

  4. Measure performance by customer satisfaction.

  5. Introduce new products faster that the competition.

  6. Design new products for efficient manufacture.

  7. Treat suppliers and customers as partners.

  8. Manage inventory in superior fashion.

3 Strategies of Market Leaders

Case in Point:  Dell Inc.


"We learned to identify our core strengths," says Michael Dell, Founder of Dell Inc. “We wanted to earn a reputation for providing great customer service, as well as great products. Engaging the entire company – from manufacturing to engineering to sales to support staff – in the process of understanding customer requirements became a constant focus of management, energy, training, and employee education.“ ... More

Smart Executive

Case in Point:  Toyota

Toyota’s global competitive advantage is based on a corporate philosophy known as the Toyota Production System (also known as Lean Manufacturing) aimed at systematic elimination of 7 wastes – overproduction, waiting, transportation, inventory, motion, over-processing, defective units – and the implementation of the concepts of continuous flow and customer pull. The system depends also on a human resources management policy that stimulates employee creativity and loyalty but also on a highly efficient network of suppliers and components manufacturers... More

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Case in Point:  Google

Google is the Internet’s number one search engine today.


What is the reason for their remarkable success? It’s beta testing and market learning.

They launched a less than perfect service into the market place to get market feedback.

Feedback is the key to dominating a market. It also makes great business sense. Google's competitors were trying to perfect a product by themselves separate from their target market as Google was continuously and rapidly upgrading their original beta version by listening to the customer. They strived to achieve harmony with the reality... More

The Tao of Value Innovation

Case in Point:  Corning

Corning keeps it's customers, such as Nortel Networks, end-users, such as AT&T, as well as OEM suppliers well informed of its product development plans. It uses road-mapping as a co-innovation tool that allows customers and suppliers to work together to build products... More

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