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By: Vadim Kotelnikov

Founder, Ten3 Business e-Coach Inspiration and Innovation Unlimited


This screensavers contains selected slides from Ten3 Mini-course "SMART Leader"


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Sample Slides (reduced size)


Leadership Attributes Leadership Attributes Leader 360: Self-Leadership, Top-Down Leadership, Lateral Leadership, Bottom-Up Leadrship


25 Lessons from Jack Welch Leadership Energizing People Be a Winner The Power of Attitude Results-based Leadership WINNING (book by Jeck Welch) GE (case study) Jack Wekch: The 4Es of Leadership: Energy, Energize, Edge, Execution

List of Slides

  1. Above All, Leadership Is About...

  2. The Roadmap for Improving Leaders

  3. Lessons from Jack Welch: Lead

  4. Leader 360

  5. Leadership-Management Synergy

  6. The Tao of Management By Leadership

  7. 12 Effective Leadership Roles

  8. Leadership Lessons of Lao Tzu

  9. Leadership Lessons of Xenophon

  10. The 4E's of Leadership

  11. Leadership Attributes

  12. Lessons from Jack Welch: Articulate Your Vision

  13. COCA Principle of Achievement

  14. Entrepreneurial Leader: Specific Attributes

  15. The Single Key To Team Success Is...

  16. The Tao of Influencing People

  17. Inspirational Leader: 10 Roles

  18. Situational Leadership

  19. Creative Leadership

  20. Loose-Tight Leadership

  21. SuperLeadership

  22. See Change As an Opportunity

  23. Start Change With Yourself

  24. The Tao of Change Management

  25. Change Management: 6Ws Chart

Download screen saver "Smart Leader"

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