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I Create Millions


How You Can Manifest Your Millions with 34 Specific Money Mastery Methods

34 Practices, Attitudes, and Programs that the Experts Use to Increase the Flow of Money. You Can Use Them Too!


By: Christopher Westra


Table of Contents: the 34 Money Mastery Methods

  1. The Manifesting Envelope

  2. The Art of Leaving Money Around

  3. Writing On Money

  4. Let Your Expenses Work For You

  5. Creating an Abundance Check

  6. The Money Downpour Visualization

  7. Forming New Money Habits of Mind

  8. Always Carry Cash

  9. Buy the Best for Yourself

  10. Create Money Opportunities, not Money Emergencies

  11. Seek Ye First

  12. Let Go of Money Attachments

  13. Demonstrate Your Wealth with a Money Mantra

  14. Improve Your Money Talk

  15. Be Happy First, Right Now!

  16. Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow

  17. Act Boldly in Money Ventures

  18. Use a Personalized Money Script or Affirmation

  19. Go For Money Freedom and Joy

  20. Spend Only What You Own

  21. Trust the Money Promises (Puzzle)

  22. Play the $100 Bill Game

  23. Pay Yourself First

  24. Make Meta-Decisions

  25. Use Your Whole (Holographic) Brain

  26. Expand the Thresholds of Your Mind

  27. Create Automatic Money Systems

  28. Know Your Reasons for Not Making Money

  29. Read Books on Money

  30. Listen to a Money Meditation Audio

  31. Harness the Power of Imagination

  32. Think Big, Dream Bigger

  33. Feed Your Mind and Your Body

  34. Create Some Space for the New

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