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Never Born, Never Died
Only visited this Planet Earth between
Dec 11 1931 - Jan 19 1990

Osho, born Chandra Mohan Jain (11 December 1931 – 19 January 1990), was an Indian mystic and spiritual teacher. Osho's syncretic teachings emphasize the importance of meditation, awareness, love, celebration, creativity and humor – qualities that he viewed as being suppressed by adherence to static belief systems, religious tradition and socialization. His teachings have had a notable impact on Western New Age thought, and their popularity has increased markedly since his death.


Osho' Dynamic Meditation       Buy a CD

Recommended to be done in the morning, this hour-long method is a powerful way to kick-start your day. It provides an outlet for tension and withheld emotions as well as being a great energy-booster!

Osho' Kundalini Meditation     Buy a CD


Known as the “sister meditation” to Dynamic, with four stages of fifteen minutes each this method is a gentle yet effective way to release all the accumulated stress of your day.

Osho' Chakra Breathing Meditation     Buy a CD

Chakra breathing meditation can help you to become aware of and experience each of the seven chakras. This meditation is active and uses deep rapid breathing and body movement, accompanied by musical sounds to open and bring awareness and vitality to the chakras.

Osho' Nataraj Meditation    Buy a CD

Dance, giving it all you have got, is an easy and natural way to turn in. This method has three stages, and lasts a total of sixty-five minutes.

Osho' Nadabrahma Meditation    Buy a CD

A sitting method, that is one-hour long, in which humming and hand movements create an inner balance and stillness.

Osho' Devavani Meditation

Devavani is the “divine voice” which moves and speaks through the meditator, who becomes an empty vessel, a channel. This meditation is a Latihan* of the tongue. It relaxes the conscious mind so deeply that, when done last thing at night, it is sure to be followed by a profound sleep.

* Latihan: a surrender to spontaneous, unstructured movement

Osho' Gourishankar Meditation    Buy a CD

A one-hour nighttime meditation, which includes a breathing technique, gazing softly at a light and gentle body movements.

Osho's Mandala Meditation    Buy a CD

Mandala means circle. Every circle contains a center. The aim of this technique is to create a circle of energy so that centering results naturally. At the end, one is left in absolute stillness, absolute silence.

Osho' Whirling Meditation    Buy a CD

"Sufi whirling is one of the most ancient techniques, one of the most forceful. It is so deep that even a single experience can make you totally different. Whirl with open eyes, just like small children go on twirling, as if your inner being has become a center and your whole body has become a wheel, moving, a potter’s wheel, moving. You are in the center, but the whole body is moving."

The Art of Listening

The Osho audio talks are keys to understanding silence. For the first time in history, talking is used to provide an experience of listening, not to gain knowledge but to directly experience one’s own center of stillness, silence and relaxed awareness.

Gibberish and Let-Go

A method of release using sound and body movement, Gibberish has been described by Osho as “one of the most scientific ways to clean your mind.” It is followed by a guided relaxation into a state of complete let-go.